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GENELEC Showroom

Genelec professional showroom with Dolby Atmos technology

The creation of  the first Genelec professional showroom in Poland is a joint initiative of 120dB and Konsbud Audio - Genelec exclusive distributor in our country. It is a unique place with a Dolby Atmos system built by professional standards. Dolby Atmos is a sound format that is the future of all productions.


Genelec monitors 

The room has been adapted for professional studio monitoring system purposes and is equipped with the standard Genelec Smart Active Monitors, including the three-way coaxial monitors from The Ones series. 

In the showroom, according to the size of the room and based on the guidelines for the monitors selection for this particular multi-channel system, the monitors installed were: 

• 3 x Genelec 8341A monitor - centre, left and right channels; 

• 2 x Genelec 8331A monitors - rear channels; 

• 2 x Genelec 8340A monitor - side channels;

• 4 x Genelec 8330A monitor - top channels;

• 1 x Genelec 7360A subwoofer;

• 2 x Genelec 8351B monitor - additional stereo monitor.

You can listen to Dolby Atmos 7.1.4  system as well as the full-range 2.0 stereo system here.



A key component of the entire set-up is the GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) automatic calibration system, which is a ground-breaking, award-winning, most advanced and intuitive integrated monitor calibration system available on the market. GLM enables accurate calibration of monitors in terms of level, delay and frequency response.

Based on the research data collected over decades in thousands of studios worldwide, GLM 4 integrates seamlessly with the intelligent DSP in each SAM monitor, enabling networking, configuration and individual calibration of each monitor and subwoofer in regard of the user's acoustic environment. GLM reference microphone enables accurate analysis of room acoustics, and GLM AutoCal function automatically optimises each monitor and subwoofer for volume level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room acoustic response equalisation. 



The monitoring system is based on the Dolby Atmos Production Suite platform. Anyone, even just with a laptop and headphones, can get started with the Dolby Atmos standard. The main part of the software is the Dolby Renderer, which is responsible for taking the relevant signals from the DAW software, positioning the objects in space and encoding them into a Dolby Atmos Master File. In the Dolby Renderer you set the actual speaker configuration, e.g. 5.1.4 or 7.1.4.

The second tool is the Panner built into the DAW or an external, free plug-in called Dolby Atmos Panner, which is the basic tool for object positioning. 


We would like to invite anyone interested in Dolby Atmos system and in sound monitoring based on Genelec products. Anyone can come, listen, use our assistance and make a fully informed choice of a reference monitoring system that will define the quality of your productions for years to come.


Please take a little time to read the interview with Jacek Majewski, the Genelec expert on behalf of Konsbud Audio and Michał Mika, the owner of 120 dB company. The interview was published in Muzyka i Technologia magazine:




Michał Mika - 512 465 137


Jacek Majewski - 785 50 40 90



Photos: Łukasz Kornafel, Muzyka i Technologia.


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